What is meant by this term?

With the higher demands on safety in the automotive sector, in industrial trucks, commercial vehicles and in mechanical engineering, the demands placed on the micro switches and their installation environment has also increased.

Defective connection plugs, short circuits and interruptions in the connecting cables should be recognizable from the connected on-board electronics. The diagnostic capability is achieved by installing resistors in the micro switch.

Resistors and terminal area are potted together with the wires, so that the switches remain IP67 compliant. No additional space is needed for the added diagnostic capability. Switch-it offers various diagnostic micro switches to control current applications.

The products are based on switches from Johnson Electric. These switches have been used worldwide for decades and their reliability has been proven a billion times over.

switch it - Diagnosefähige Mikroschalter
switch it - Diagnosefähige Mikroschalter

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