A new product development of switch-it Assembling GmbH

We have developed a lock with closing aid for e.g. centrifuges, that is unique on the market. Its features:

Resistance against misuse forces:

Standard locks / falling latches for e.g. centifuges take over misuse forces by their cinematics. Thus force impulses stress bearings and running surfaces, and can lead to premature failure of the system.
Our new development approach takes over misuse forces via only four elements, designed for this massive strain. The strain on the cinematics, closing the lock, is reduced in closed condition. So misuse forces do not lead to reducing life time of the system.

Low susceptibility to pollution:

Standard falling latches normally have holes to pick up the catching loop. These holes provide access for pollution to the inner of the housing, thus leading to reduced function or even failure of the lock system or other parts inside the device.
The locking bolt of our design is flush to the housing, in unoperated state, and in combination with small tolerances between inner and outer cylinder we can guarantee only minor gaps between locking bolt and housing. Openings for access of pollution are significantly reduced.

Reduced possibility for injuries:

Catching hooks or loops protruding over housings and lids offer vast possibilities for injuries. Same for corresponding openings in the housing.
We renounce on protruding elements, and with an almost “closed” plane surface in unoperated condition the possibilities for injuries are reduced to a minimum.

Your advantages:

  • This closing aid can be adapted individually to your request.
  • Dimensions and forces can be scaled to the installation situation as your application requires.

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