switch-it enlarges solder capacities

Since beginning of  2022 we have a soldering automate SolderSmart in our shop floor, manufactured by Elmotec AG.

This automate was developped and especially designed for our products running in high quantities.

  • Switches of our ultraminiature series are soldered to customer specific PCB’s.
  • Compared to maunual soldering we have more precise soldering on these switches.
  • Highest precision by 4-axis-system.
  • Permanent traceability of solder process.

This soldering automate was conceived in cooperation with Messrs. ELMOTEC and first products were run in.

We look forward to excellent quality for these complex processes.
One more step for switch-it to continuous improvement of quality.

With this investment in most advanced production tecvhnology we also see chances for activities in PCB assembly and drag soldering.